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Lawn Maintenace:
When your lawn looks great you feel more relaxed and can enjoy your time off from work. We can make your lawn look spectacular!
Our services include weekly mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing off of all drives, decks, walks and other surfaces. LAWN RUNNERS prides itself on the professional job we do.
Having a special occasion and need some extra attention given to the lawn on a specific date? No problem, just let us know ahead of time and we will take care of all the details for you. Going on vacation? We can mow while you are gone to give your home a occupied look.

Spring & Fall Clean Ups
Spring Clean Up: Remove all winter trash and debris from yard and beds, trim and  rake yard, clean out window wells and other places leaves and debris are trapped.  Blow off decks, walks and drives. General spruce up to start the season off right!

Fall Clean Up: Cut back dead perennials for winter, final bed clean up, lawn cleanup and leaf removal, final mow, edging, trimming of bushes as needed.

Leaf Clean Up: YES! We clean up leaves. We can schedule your clean up so that the leaves are at the curb a few days ahead of time for the city pickup or we can
haul them away.
Sprinkler Systems
Irrigation makes all the difference in a so-so lawn and an emerald green carpet.
We would be happy to assist with repairs and make suggestions on problem areas.

Fertilizer/Weed Control:
We recommend a 4 and 5 step fertilizing program designed to keep your lawn looking great all year long. The key to a good fertilizer program is timing; timing is everything! There is usually a very small window of opportunity to apply fertilizer/weed control. The larger companies who "only" apply fertilizer/weed control products can not assure each customer they will get their application at the appropriate time.

LAWN RUNNERS will alert clients who want fertilizer/weed control at the proper window assuring they will receive their treatments at the right time, so call today to get set up for the season.

We offer a variety of other home services such as:
Trash Hauling
Rotor tilling
Lawn Rolling
Large Area Mowing
Field & Brush Cutting
Over Seeding

Give us a call today, the estimate is free!

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Yard Care Property Access terms and Agreement (Applies to all properties and Customers):  By allowing the company access to the property to perform work All Customers agree to maintain a safe obstacle free access to the work area.
It is the customers sole responsibility to insure on service days the turf to be mowed and or planting areas where work will be performed be free from all obstacles, objects, hazards and debris including animal droppings. The company will not be held liable for any damages resulting from any item discharged- propelled for any reason from equipment or tools used to preform job resulting in personal or property damage. It is the property owner’s responsibility to have in force proper insurance covering such situations.  The above statement applies to all verbal and written permission allowing any work to be performed.


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